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Colorful Penguins

Colorful Penguins - People the impression that penguins are black and white, but in Antarctica live on an island of a large group of penguins in particular, their color colorful, especially gorgeous looking, but this is the color of the body is also a lot of inconvenience to them, they ice must be also dyed the same color with its own be able to use, this is not an easy thing, now let us help these colorful little penguins find their own skin color of the ice bar! Cut the rope drag mouse clicks, you can also cut the ice, every penguin ice correspond to the same color, R key to re-play. Hint: a penguin ice only dyed a color, and cut the number of limited oh. Du suchst ein Colorful Penguins  Hier ist es Versuch es gleich und spiel  Colorful Penguins kostenlos auf

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